Tallahassee Calling Vol 1

by Various Artists

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A compilation of Tallahassee bands that have been active and part of the DIY scene in 2014. Start a band, book shows, go to shows, document everything!


released September 3, 2014

Art by Elijah Anderson




Spirit Cat Tapes Florida

A tape label based in Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Echo Base - It's 2013, Baby
Well I hope you found
The comfort you were searching for
It's the subtle notes
That Catch you off guard

I'm sorry I'm not poetic
But I don't owe you anything

And I'm afraid of
What you'll think of me
And I'm afraid of
How You've changed

It's how you've grown away from me

Complacency is what you need
And I know it's what you wan
Track Name: Buffalo Buffalo - Lick Fiberglass
Your dog’s been sleeping in your room.
On top of your bed he waits for you.

And hacked to bits like your mother was–
he won’t lay down ‘til you show up.
He’ll wait there to lick your fiberglass eyeballs
that splinter from blinking.

Mom’s been gone since her last birthday.
Dad’s been smoking cigarettes since May.
Ear to ear, his whiskey bottle skin
stretches an awful lot when you walk in.
Track Name: Milkis - Coldbrew Baby
Support Your Local Roasters
Track Name: Night Witch - Space Eaters
I'm sick of feeling small
I'm sick of being ignored
I'm sick of being told
that I am nothing at all

I will not be afraid
To take up my own space
I will not be invisible

I'm not sorry
Track Name: Trace - Token
Prey upon the color of my skin
Use it as a piece for you to fit in
Take my struggle and make it yours
You're the loudest voice I wish I could ignore
Use me
To fuel your plastic passion, social status, I'm all yours
Use me
Shine the light on me
I'll be your gleaming token but whatever it is, don't speak for me
I've got a point of view that can't be understood by someone like you
But I'm just today's news, so I can rest knowing that you'll move on soon
Track Name: Rebecca Krueger - Bicycle
On my bicycle I see so many things so many people and hear so many noises like the birds up in the sky then I look up in the sky and get distracted and almost run into things. On my bicycle I go a thousand miles an hour you can't go that fast in any car I'd like to see you try. On my bicycle on a hot Florida day, a hot and sunny day I can feel the heat in the air it smells delicious. On my bicycle sometimes there are obstacles like squirrels or potholes or people or other things too like rocks or trees the world's an obstacle course. On my bicycle I'm the person alive, the only person in the world, except for other people walking or on bicycles too.